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OK.... [10 Jun 2005|02:12am]
[ mood | determined ]

So I'm back....Much has happened and I'll just hit the hilights....I plan to start regularly doin entries again since I plan to put this on my website...which is a good place to start...YES after years of talking about it and asking peeps for help and promises of "yeah I'd LOVE to..." and *NOT* receiving any help I have figured it out myself. Its not the grandest thing on the net but for self taught it's pretty goddamn good if i do say so myself!

Merci Beaucoup...

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Long time no see.... [20 Jul 2004|05:12am]
Greetings all! It has been a long time this since I made an entry into this binary forum, and I felt it was long overdue. The incident with H. R. affiliates pretty much devastated me. I feel so cheated by these people and the way I was treated, unfortunately, the able to find an attorney that will take the case and doing anything about it. So, I pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over. This past week, I registered with Kelly Temp services, and had an interview with blue cross blue shield. Unfortunately my data entry skills were not fast enough to make the grade. I was a bit relieved that they were not because my friend, Jimmy, worked for this company before and tells me that they are bad work for. He stated that working conditions were not good, and after two years he walked out. So when the lady told me that my speed was not up to their standards, I was relieved. As badly as I need employment at this time, I do not need to take a position in what could possibly be a hostile working environment.

This spring and summer has been quite busy for me. Mid May, my mother lost one of her sisters to cancer. She had suffered greatly; she had to be put into a nursing home where she spent her last days. It was a sad occasion, yet joyous in the fact that she was no longer in pain and suffering. Shortly thereafter, while on my way to skyline Chili in the Mid City mall, I was struck in the rear end by lady driving a Volvo. I barely felt the hit, would I go out of the truck I was immediately upset, because her car shattered like glass! I just knew bad light truck was totaled, but when I walked around to the rear end and saw only a few scratches I was greatly relieved. The lady called the police and explains to them what had happened and we moved the vehicles out of the line of traffic. Now, in Mid City mall, there is a police station, and a woman explain to them where we were at and that we needed an officer to fill out a report. She explained to them that all they had to do was step out the front door and they would see us. But this was apparently too much for Louisville police to handle. Instead of walking out to fill out the accident report, Mrs. Clare and I waited fifteen minutes for a police officer to arrive and take the report. Mrs. Claire received a sweet little ticket for not having her Driver’s license or proof of insurance with her. There was a little damage to my vehicle, and life just seem to be getting worse and worse, than I told her that I wouldn’t even turn it into my insurance. The exchanged names and addresses and phone numbers, and went our separate ways. In the weeks to follow I was barraged by telemarketing paralegals, who wanted me to file reports most likely false, to receive benefits from this accident. While the prospect of a large amount of money is a nice idea, taking advantage of this woman and the situation just was not my style. What began cursing them out and hanging up on them. Then one day, I come back from a visit to my mother and there is a business card on my door from yet another one of these paralegals. Now this upset me, because my front door is behind the yet another door in a somewhat secure building. The thought of someone entering my building to put a business card on my door frightened and infuriated me. I called the number on the card, as for the supervisor and read him the riot act.

Oh, and let’s not forget the delightful speeding ticket that received coming home from Campbellsville. Having to piss badly, I sped up to get around traffic to get to an off-ramp, and a police officer pulled me over and cited me for 82 in a 55 and no seat belts. I really needed this. So off we go to traffic court where I’m told that if I plead guilty, I can opt for driving school, and no points will be taken from a driver’s license. So in practice in my speech for when I get front of the judge. Finally it’s my turn, and I stepped up and all I get out is “Guil…” at which point prosecutor says to me “Mr. Hunt, please tell me your address?” at which time I tell him 1944 Deerwood Ave. he then asks me where this is at, and I replied “the Highlands”. He then informs me “This is not what your driver’s license reflects”, and the plea of not guilty was entered on my behalf by the judge, and a new court date was set. So off I go to the D.M.V. to get the address on the driver’s license changed. My next court date arrives, I go in, the officer who cited me was there and is supported me to yet another lady, who reduced my charge to careless driving, which was a relief to me, since the speed I was traveling at that have cost me my license for at least six months. I thanked her, pled guilty, opted for driving school. Four hours of my life to keep from losing points off my driver’s license which I desperately need, seemed like a fair deal to me. I’m not thrilled about it, but hey, I do?...

Well as summer turns into late summer, the political battles begin. It is my personal opinion that George Bush has got to be replaced as quickly as possible. I went with my friend Donna, her husband Stewart, their friends and Jamie, and her friend Sandie to see “Fahrenheit 911 “. I went into this movie with the expectations of it just being a movie, and came out angry and filled with questions. Most of the information presented by Michael Moore was actually common knowledge and should have been of no surprise to me. What angered me the most, I think, is the fact that I have not paid attention to what goes on in the political world. Now I am paying attention. I don’t know John Kerry is the man to run this country, but I know for fact that George bush is definitely not the one that should be running this country. My out and loud stand against George bush has cost me a dear friend, who has informed me that I should “leave. “ I replied quite sternly that this was my country and I would stay and do what ever I could to take it back! Bush has got to go!

Merci Beaucoup...

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The Universe must be against me... [28 Apr 2004|02:39am]
[ mood | complacent ]

I have yet to figure out exactly what it is that I have done to deserve such a soap-opera life of late. I must have either

  • Spit in the eye of a camel
  • Walked under a ladder
  • Broken a mirror

  • Kicked/ran over/abused a black cat
  • Offended a witch/warlock
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

I opt for none of the above, as I am not a superstitious person, however SOMEthing is tragically wrong in my life. When last I wrote in this digital forum, I was waiting on pins and needles for word on a job with Louisville Gas and Electric. The call finally came and was not good. Angelina Kidd called me on Good friday and stated that I was withdrawn from the running for LG&E because my background check had came back and there was an old misdemeanor on it. She went on to state that I had "Falsified documents" and would not be considered for any further jobs with their agency. I immediately exploded on her, as I had TOLD these people from JUMP that I had an old misdemeanor. I was instructed to check "No" at the question of "have you ever been convicted of a crime?' question on the application. I SPECIFICALLY asked what to do and explained I had a misdemeanor and was told "They are only looking for felonies; You're fine just check "No". So I guess I'm being punished for doing as I was told. I talked to the guy that Interviewed me and explained the whole situation and he said that if i could get my record expunged that I would be considered. I moved heaven and earth, calling in markers and favors owed to me to get my record NOT ONLY cleared, but 2 years early to boot. NOW they won't even return a phonecall. I was devistated to say the least because my insiders in this firm had told me that I had the job sewn up. I was treated VERY unfairly. Had I been told from the start, I wouold have been disappointed but understood. But to set me up to fail like this is totally cruel. I'm considering legal action , but I fear it will come down to her word against mine. So I plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Beureau and the Kentucky State Attorney General's office...I will get my digs in somewhere. I spent Easter in a very deep depression. I have totally withdrawn freom my friends and wanted to be alone. I am still feeling the effects of it, but for the most part I'm feeling better. I AM a worthwhile person and I did NOT falsify records; I did as I was instructed to do. Period.
But the worst has yet to be told.
04.05.04 After a short visit to my Mom's house, I was returning to Louisville. I was approaching the city and I had to piss really bad and I was trying to get around traffic on I-65 to get to the off-ramp to relieve my overly full bladder. I was right in the area where the speed limit drops from 65 to 55 and it was the first part of the month. quotas MUST be filled, ya know Then i saw the black camero with its flashing red and blue lights. Officer Webb approached me like I might have been Charles Manson or some other public enemy. He eased up on the drivers side of my truck, hand firmly on his weapon, and peeked into my window long enough to ask me if I knew "How fast I was going?" "no sir I don't" I replied. "82 in a 55" he said, then pulled back really fast like I was going to blow his head off. Yes people..I held a fully loaded Kentucky State driver's license and a cocked and ready to fire Insurance card in my hand. He took my ID and then noticed that I didn't have on my belts. Well true, I did not; I had taken it off because it was presing on my bladder and removal of it offered a touch of relief until I could get to a restroom. He brought this to my attention to which i agreed that I knew it was the law; Hell the way he was acting, I would have agreed to most anything because I was sure he was gonna gun me down in broad daylight. I sat legs twisted together for about 15 minutes while Barney Fife checked me out and wrote me a citation then let me leave. I immediately went to the bathroom and proceeded home to go to Pick up marmaladekitty to go to work at Accent. As we drove to Indiana, she read the ticket and let me know there was no fine there I HAD to appear in court. now this on top of the fiasco with HRAffiliates was a lot to handle. But I managed. So on 04.21 I go to night court. I get there, and the room is FULL of people. some shoplifiting, but most all traffic violations. The judge, a very pretty blonde woman, proceeded to mirandize us and then began to line us all up in aplhabetical order. She then gave instructions on how the proceedings would go. She stated that if you had a speeding ticket and traffic school was an option, then you could plead "guilty" and opt for traffic school and no points would be taken from your license. Now this little tidbit thrilled me! I wasn't concerned with the fine or the school as much as I was the points and what this citation would do to my insurance. I waited for my name to be called. I was practicing my "Guilty as charged" speech... I was gonna breeze up and do my thing and pay my fine and it would be all over. We all know what they say about best laid plans of mice and men... My name was finally called and I stepped up and said "GUIL.." and the baliff said "Mr. Blank, what is your address?" ...I looked at him totally puzzled and said "Blank Ave., and he says "where is that located?" I say "The Highlands" and he says "Not guilty plea entered by the judge; Court date of May 26th at 9:00 am." Then he says to me "And have your license changed to reflect your current address." Now I am totally dumbfounded because I still dont quite understand what has gone on. It was explained to me that it is law that if a person moves to another county or state, they have 6 months to change their license and if they move to a different part of town then that person has 10 days to make the change. I guess I have been living under a rock or something because I had NEVER ever heard of such a law. I lived in ohio for about 5 years and never changed my license from kentucky to Ohio. I cashed checks and banked and did all the things that would require a license ID and it was never questioned. NOW it is, it seems...I hauled my happy ass to the DMV and got my new Lousiville license, so now on the 26th I guess we will start this process all over again. I'm not so sure that I'm not gonna go armed with a lawyer this time...I dont know what in the hell to expect next.
Last Friday night, I had planned on staying home and being depressed, and I got into a huge fight with my best friend. He is the type person who has to be the superhero in all situations. His nerves were already rattled because he was not the one that got my record cleared, and balked when I asked to share some software, I had to point out that a lot of the software he has came from my hacking abilities or the person I was sharing the software with and He went ballistic. we had a huge fight via yahoo and I HAD HAD ENOUGH! I have worried about all this horseshit until i was gettin regular headaches and his childsihness was the absolute final straw. I threw a couple changes of clothes in a backpack and got in my little pink truck and started heading to Ohio. yeah, I ran away! And it was the best thing I have done for myself in a long long time. I went to see all my old friends and totally forgot HRAffiliates, LG&E, Speeding citations, surgeries (see below) and adults who act like spoiled 4-year-olds and had myself a day or so of pure fun. Before I left, I made some arrangements to meet up with a guy from Bear411 and made plans to go see my long-time friend Walt. It was great to walk into my old haunts with him just like the good old days. I got to see my friend Michael and he redid my hair...which had grown out and had become kinda unsightly. saw a lot of old friends, made a few new ones, and learned that, sadly, a lot of my old friends have passed. AIDS has to be stopped. Bottom line. Aside from the sad news, it was a worthwhile trip. I returned refreshed and with a clear head, and ready to go at this again.

Now as if my plate is not full enough, I have had to deal with a couple other things along the way, too.

  • My uncle had to have emergency surgery to repair a hiatle hernia shortly after I got the ticket. His hernia got so bad tht it had turned his stomach upside down and was pushing his organs up his esophagus. The surgeon had to go in and reposition all his internal organs, repair his hernia and check the minor organs (gall bladder, appendix, ect) for damage. He came through just fine and out of the hospital and recovering nicely
  • Today, My 30 year old cousin had open heart surgery to remove the sack that surrounds his heart.This sack acts as a shock absorber, cushioning the heart from jarring. It had become diseased and was growing hard, slowing his heart down and would eventually kill him. Derrick has known about this problem for years and has just let it go until it got critical. I'm told he did just fine.
  • Angela's incessant non-stop whining
  • Tommy's incessant non-stop nagging

Now on a brighter note, today I went to Churchill Downs With my cousins Lisa and Gwen and Lisa's 2 children Allen and Allison. I had never been to a horse race before, let alone Churchill Downs. We had great fun today, another first in a long time. We bet the ponies and I ended up winning about 25 bucks. Lisa's children cleaned up! bot won a total of about 80 bucks between the 2. Both are under age so Mom Lisa made their bets and they sure showed up the adults today! We stayed all afternoon and then I came home. I'm tired as hell but I'm in better spirits now. If the old cliche` "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" is true, then I must be Hercules by now...

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 28th of April:

Romantically this is the day to take a chance, Aquarius. There is a grand fire trine out there that really inspires you in a big way. You’ll want to send a message to a potential mate and let them know just how sexy they are to you. Jupiter in your 8th house trines with the Sun so you may want to invest in real estate- today it will bring you great luck. Pay attention to health issues too, especially those that have to do with psychological development. Dare to find inner stability and peace. The Moon is in Leo so emotionally it’s wise to be aware of your own needs; take some time out to pamper yourself.

Merci Beaucoup...

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Today is gonna be a very long day... [08 Apr 2004|12:04pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I just finished my 2nd interview with the company I have been trying to get a position with. I'm so glad its over, but yet it's not over. The hair looked ok...coulda looked better. The outfit was good...I was smiling and calm through it all but screaming inside. This has been one hell of a week for me. I usually don't angst over things, but marmaladekitty has kept me so upset and nervous about all this I could die! First of all there were literally hundreds of applicants for these positions. It was then narrowed to 8 people for 5 positions. Jesus I have felt like I was a finalist in the Miss America pageant or something!

Tuesday Angelina calls me and says that I have been chosen and I need to take more tests. Then she proceeds to ship them via email and I took. I didn't do very well and freaked. I contacted her and I got a chance to retake. I did some better, but not much. By now I am very down about it all and figure I'm out of this race...

Wednesday Angelina calls again to say that she needs my resume` immediately and asks if I have it in a form that can be emailed. I tell her yes and I can email it as soon as I hang up the phone. She asks if I have an email address and I kind of hesitate for a moment because she has been emailing me for 2 days...now what's up with THAT question? Anyway I send her my resume` which she redoes and submits. She then calls back about 30 minutes later and tells me that I have an interview thursday! I was so pumped up and excited. Even though I didn't fare too well on the last test, my overall score was an 89% which secured me at least an interview. Angelina then emails me with what to wear and a general "pep talk". Then I had to face hurricane marmaladekitty and her paranoiac whining. She also got an interview but continues to whine about the whole process. With each of her moans I get more and more nervous and unsure of myself about the whole situation. We finished the evening in telemarketing hell and I took her home. As I was leaving her neighborhood, I hit/killed a dog. This tore me totally up because I felt it an omen to what was to come. I have been tested and questioned and had to deal with my own insecurities as well as hers and it was the straw! The final straw! I came home and tried to calm down, but it just wasn't in the cards. I SHOULD have been in bed but with all that was running thru my mind I couldn't have slept if I wanted to.

Today Good friends called this morning to make sure I was up and moving in time for the interview. I may not have 2 nickels to rub together but I sure have a wealth of good supportive friends! Still freaking out I got up and got ready to go to HRAffiliates for my interview. Still screaming on the inside and looking pretty good for a fat man I drove over to the offices. As luck would have it, I had to park in the lower 40 and walk a mile to get in. I got out of the truck and something a new friend said to me struck me between the eyes. My friend Anita said to me last night at work: "Go in there and claim your job!" Using that as a mantra, a calm came over me and I fixed my mind to a "Fuck everything else! I'm worthy of this" attitude and the more I walked towards the building the calmer I got. I marched right in there like I owned the place! The lady at the desk asked me if she could help me and I said "I'm here to see Angelina." I hadn't noticed but she was standing right in front of me. I was about 20 minutes early and she was speaking to a gentleman. Then she said to him "This is Jeffrey..." and He shook my hand and introduced himself as Greg. This was the man I was to interview with. Before I could even straighten myself up form the wind outside him whisked me into his office and began the interview. I was informed that it would be very short and he had simply wanted to meet his candidates and let them know what was ahead. I feel pretty good about the interview. I was also told that out of all the applicants that were tested, I had the highest scores overall! Now this little tidbit about sent me over the edge because I KNOW there was one...the Math test...that I did NOT do well on at all. But I smiled and answered his questions to the best of my ability and tried like hell to "Claim my job". At the end of the interview, he asked if there were any questions I had...I said "Well...not to be pushy, I would like to know how soon it will be before we are notified. He replied with "probably sometime today; Orientation begins next Friday and you will get a call or an email if you are chosen. I left feeling pretty good about everything. My gut says I have this but I'm still anxious...Like the title says...this is going to be a VERY long afternoon...BUT one thing for certain; I have a lot of friends wishing me well and keeping a good thought for me. Yes, No, or indifferent that means the world to me!

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 8th of April:


Ambitious connections allow you the opportunity to work on a new creative project today, Aquarius. Tune into the vision, and see how you can help the world through your own example. Avoid worrying too much about those things that you can’t control.(AMEN to that one) The universe wants you to learn to let go of something deep, emotional and painful. It’s time to heal and move on. Part of you needs to die as well, but weeding the garden will prepare the way for brand new growth. Avoid sudden action however, since there is a t-square between Uranus in your second house and Jupiter in your 8th house - instead experiment with the clues and come up with a new perspective.

Merci Beaucoup...

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Hello, My name is (operator)... [06 Apr 2004|01:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Can ya guess what I'm doing for a living? Thats right...Telemarketing! Oh BOY...annoying people during dinner. Just the career I had in mind while I was in college. It's Easy enough money I guess, Until this other company either takes or rejects me. I will update from the past week.
After several tests with HRAffiliates, I started a temp job with Accent. UGH!. it sucks out loud. I despise this. I made marmaladekitty go with me to alleviate her consistant whining to me via yahoo. we spent about 4 hours in a very boring training session then about an hour on the phones taking actual calls. I think the guy that is in charge of our survey got annoyed with me during trainingm because I didn't act like I was interested in the job at all. This wasn't the case. It was just stuff that has been drilled into my head over the years and is second nature to me. Hell a trained monkey could do the job! anyway like i said... it's easy cash.
After a night of hangups, answering machines and "Not interested's" I took Angela to Sumshee's. It was her first time there and already there's drama. This homeless troll she has been talking to online via Yahoo and Louisville MoJo started talking shit and lying to her. Some of his so-called friends told her all about him and somehow it got around that SHE was the one doing all the talking. Not TRUE at all I was there and heard them tellihng her his tale. Yet another straight street bum infiltrating our places to endear themselves in hopes of a handout. Angela is so naieve and gullible and believes every word spewed outta this fool's mouth. So they can have the drama...I'm out of it!
04.03 thru 04.05.04
Work is going...well it's work and money. Thats about all I can say for Accent. They have offered some of us permanent placement in INBOUND calls and I may take it to tide me over. Yesterday i got a speeding ticket from HELL. 82 in a 55 and no belts. Looks like driving school for me unless i can pull a few strings with a few friends in high places and get it ammended down. Keeping fingers and toes crossed on that one.
Angelina form HRAffiliates called me this morning and said (company withheld) was VERY interested in me and I had to take more tests. I took them and I don't think I did very well on them at all. Math has never been my forte`. oh well. I'm beginning to feel kinda depressed about it all now. It would be a great job, but I dont think I did very well on the las ttest at all. Perhaps since i blew all the others off the charts they may take pity on me. hahahhaaha! I'm beginning to sound like the trolls that hang out waiting for a handout now....

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 6th of April:

Career issues come up and you’re expected to be on your toes today, Aquarius. At this point people want to know about your convictions: be prepared to back up your ideas with a plan of action. Financially there may be some wild fluctuations so avoid getting involved in a business deal or a big purchase. A creative idea may be put off, or rejected because it isn’t what your boss had in mind, so take the time to play around with it and come up with a contingency plan that works well for everyone.

Merci Beaucoup...

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I just had to post this... [30 Mar 2004|02:47am]
Why you don't feed a cat table scrapsCollapse )

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 30th of March:

COOK FOR FRIENDS TODAY, AQUARIUS! ( you have lost your tiny mind....I ain't cooking NOTHING!!!)

This is a great day for cooking and entertaining passionate and sensual friends, Aquarius. The Moon sextiles with Venus in your 4th house so you shine out on the home front! A good, fiery conversation should make it fun for everyone, as long as you remain sensitive to the feelings of others around you as well. Pluto sextiles with Vesta as well today so some of your most powerful dreams could come true if you are willing to fight for them, Aquarius. After 11am the Moon moves void of course so take a step back at work and stick to your usual routine. After 1pm the Moon slips into Leo so you’ll want to connect with a best friend and let them know how wonderful they truly are.

Merci Beaucoup...

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Now when did that happen?... [26 Mar 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I guess i have been in the doldrums for so long that I hadn't REALLY noticed spring is here!(Outside the gorgeous scantily-clad men that jog thru my neighborhood...) Today after the wonderful morning I had, I began to see that the forsythia bushes are all bright yellow and the dogwoods are in bloom. Parts of my beloved Highlands are beautiful with the onslaught of spring weather. The air was warm and I actually wore shorts today, and even went barefoot for a short while. The cool grass felt great on my bare feet. I guess life is good , or at least looking up. I physically feel bad, mostly due to the enormous stress relief, but it still was a beautiful wonderful day, and I am in a great mood!

Merci Beaucoup...

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OK here goes... [26 Mar 2004|12:52pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

So I made it outta bed in time. I have an hour before my interview. GOD how I HATE this process. But it's necessary I suppose. As God as my witness; AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, I SHALL NEVER WALK OUT OF A JOB AS LONG AS A BUSH IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN!!! I'm off to shower....Got a little less than an hour...Thank god this place is close to me.
OK the hair looks pretty good...the outfit ain't too bad...I gotta get on South Beach soon. Resume` is printed. All is going OK I think...Best laid plans of mice and men....I'm off.
12:37 PM
I just walked in the door. 5 tests, (which I aced) a million forms, and hundreds of signatures and dates later, I am employed! My test scores way exceeded Angelina's expectations.The test that was most crucial for (company withheld), and the one Angelina was skeptical that I would not do well on, I scored a 96 which was off their charts! she went from skeptical to "when can ya start?" in a matter of seconds. Never underestimate the power of a redhead! I work 3 weeks temp for some company called Accent then I'm on to (Company withheld). HOORAY! I'm not supposed to know that I'm being considered for the other company, but the receptionist, who decided that I was her "buddy", told me that Angelina would DEFINATELY be sending me there. I'm also not counting my chickens on the other company yet but it looks like a "gimmie"...I'm so Pumped!!! HOORAY! I have self esteem again! YAY! EMPLOYMENT! No more "GTOne" Cigarettes! that's a big HOORAY!!!

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 26th of March:


It’s wise not to react too quickly today since the Moon in Gemini squares with Jupiter, it’s easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and over confidence could lead you down a blind alley if you’re not careful. Emotionally there is also a great need to escape and this Friday you may want to get out there and catch a movie after a long day of working. Neptune squares with Pallas so expect a practical and stubborn relative to give you some problems- you’ll need to be able to show your concept to someone who doesn’t think the same way that you do.

Merci Beaucoup...

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What a glorious day! [25 Mar 2004|05:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I finally got a hit from an agency on a job! HOORAY! George Bush can't keep ALL of us down, guess it was my turn to fall through the cracks! I was beginning to think that applying for jobs through the computer was a bunch of bullshit.
I was wrong.
In Other News... Nothing really to tell. I woke late and wasted the whole day. But tonite? I'm celebrating! I was feeling mighty low...amazing what a phonecall can do...gotta love a phone and a PC!

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 25th of March:


The Moon trines with Chiron today, which means that you’ll want to take advantage of your chance to heal, Aquarius. Step back and contemplate the past and try to let go of a resentment that sets you back. This is also a good day to make amends as well. The Moon conjuncts with Mars so you’ve got a great amount of creative energy, this is your chance to stand out in the limelight and have your say. Not everyone agrees with your values however, so do try to be aware of other people’s feelings at this point. (AMEN & AMEN!!!)

Merci Beaucoup...

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New playground... [24 Mar 2004|12:49am]
There's a new Adult bookstore in Horse Cave Ky, in what once was an outlet mall. My friend, Jimmy, discovered it by accident on a recent trip to Nashville. So his first Friday night back home he insisted upon a road trip there to check it out. We drove down in about 45 minutes or so from Elizabethtown and went in. The place is quite nice as far as an adult bookstore can be. nice carpet...very clean and no cameras logging one's every move. it was very sparsely populated. only a small handful of guys there. One really hot guy that was obviously just there to watch porn and not up for "Play". another guy, fairly hot, though he didn't seem to really know what to do in the "peeps". all the guys tried to get next to him but it seems he wasnt having it. We hung for a while, then paid the outrageous $10 fee to get into the theater.same ol' same ol' as was in the peeps.... Neither of us got lucky but felt the place worth a second look in the future.
Sunday was a whole new ballgame tho...I went down after I finished my little under-the-table job with my friend Tommy. I got showered and dressed and drove down about 8:PM- that makes it 7:PM there, since their time is an hour behind the rest of the world...Anyway, I went in and directly to the peeps. Again pickings were very slim. one guy sucked my cock for a while thru the glory hole. then this guy came in that looked like he may have been military, cruising thru obviously looking for a partner to play with. At first i thought he found one but to my surprise he stepped back outta the booth and went into yet another and left the door unlocked. I didn't want to just "rush in" and jump this dude's bones so i began to peek through the crack the door left. Just as I am about to make my move, the queen working there came around the corner. He immediately shut and locked the door and I moved on. finally Nelly Belle left and he came out and went into a 3rd booth, leaving the door unlocked. I wasn't gonna be outdone again so I made my move. He was nice looking guy, shaved head, camo pants and wife-beater. he pulled up the wife beater to reveal a bit of a gut, and dropped his pants to reveal a very nice cock, made vein y by a cockring. Now these country boys...they go down to their local hardware stores and buy rubber "O" rings and use them as cock rings....which I'm pretty sure is what this guy had done. So I began to suck his soft cock...which didn't stay soft long. With my free hand i reached up and found his left nipple, and began to pinch and massage it ...this made him rock hard and his pants came down more. I took my mouth off his cock, replacing it with my hand and stood to take his nipple in my mouth....i bit it gently as i masturbated his erection which sent him into frenzies. He was loving it. It didn't take long for him to shoot his load and he thanked me, got dressed and i slipped out of the booth and into the hall. By this time, things were not looking good at all; only one guy left and definitely not one i wanted to do. So again, I pay the ridiculous fee of $10 for the theater only to find I'm there all alone. Oh joy. I have already paid so I may as well settle in and hang for a while. Perhaps things will pick up. I sat there watching straight porn for about 30 minutes or so thinking" This little place was pretty neat. I was shocked that the local churches hadn't closed it down right after it opened...the guys were all so deliciously country, the whole place, tho modern seemed stuck in about 1985. Cowboy hats and boots on many customers; Music from the 80's era played throughout the place." Finally I had my fill of hearing fish moan about their pussies and got up to go out to see if any fresh meat had arrived. I opened the door to emergency lights and the clerk asking me if the movie was still playing. I nodded that it was and asked what had happened. Apparently there was a power outage and everything had gone down. Just my luck. I thought about leaving for a moment, but I was thirsty as hell, so I ran to a nearby convenience store for a Mt. Dew. As I was pulling back in there was a new Jeep Cherokee pulling in just ahead of me. I parked and hesitated to see what the driver looked like. Not bad, tho a little heavier than I'd normally like, but "do-able" Also by this time, there was a new truck in the parking lot. So in I go to investigate the new arrivals and hoping the peeps were back up and running. Now at any other bookstore , leaving would mean no re-admittance to the theater, but these people haven't quite caught on to how things in the city are done yet, Yay for me; right back into the theater! The new trucker was quite hot; kinda scruffy, sporting a brunette goatee, baseball cap and an average bulge. I milled about the dimly-lit store for a bit trying to catch his eye and noticed that the Jeep Cherokee was also looking him over. there were a couple other guys. obviously very young, arriving together,"safety in numbers, ya know...) and checking the place out. As I turned to go back into the theater, in walks a very nice looking man...slight in build, salt & pepper hair, goatee, wearing an outdated mustard yellow shirt and black jeans....he had a nice butt and 'cruised' me as I walked by him. Things were looking up a bit. I headed back to the theater, hoping one of these guys would get the idea, however the $10 fee put them off I guess. The electricity was still a no-go. the clerks were scurrying about frantically trying to get the peeps back on. after several trips into and out of the theater, the lights came back on and the clerks tried to get the peeps up. Still no luck, so they offered the theater FREE to us all..."Well fuck" I thought...I paid for this and now it's free...just my luck!
Everyone piled into the theater and sat. the hot truck driver stood at the back wall and watched the straight porn. the 2 hick boys sat in the easy chairs along the same wall as the door and Mr. Jeep sat in a rocker near one of the hicks in hopes of getting some cock from him. I could tell that these 2 boys, while possibly playful alone, were not about to so much as unzip their flies in front of the other out of fear of being "gay". (Gasp!) The 2 of them sat silently looking straight at the screen, neither daring to cast an eye around the room. Mr. Jeep stared a hole thru one of the boys; The silver fox in the mustard shirt sat upright in his chair and watched the movie, occasionally looking around the room to see what was going on; the scruffy trucker watched the movie, occasionally looking around for action, and I stared a hole thru him. after about 10 minutes or so, Scruffy left...and I followed,giving him time so it wasn't so obvious that I was stalking him. He got into his truck and after a few flirtations, I got the hint that he wasn't playing. Ah well.... as I pulled back in and parked my truck, the 2 hick boys came out and left. That was leaving me, the mustard shirt and Mr. Jeep. I went back into the theater, and found a seat. Still no play out of either of them. I watched what was now Lesbian porn for several minutes, and then Mustard shirt got up and left, quickly followed by Mr. Jeep. I thought "what a bust". but I was determined to get my $10 out of that theater so i settled in and watched the movie. about 5 minutes later Mustard walks back in and takes the easy chair in the corner by the partition that blocks the door. I knew Mr. Jeep wouldn't be far behind, and sure enough, as soon as Mustard's ass hit the chair in he walked. He took a seat a couple seats away form Mustard and began to watch the movie...I began to watch him. By the way he was positioned, I would immediately know if Mustard pulled out his cock and when Jeep went down on him. Soon I noticed Jeep move over a seat. Watching me and then turning his attention to Mustard again, He finally found the balls to go down on Mustard, and I made my way over to them. Mustard had a nice cock, average but nice. Jeep was sucking it for all he was worth, so I began to work on Mustard's tits. His breathing became heavy and I ran my hand down his belly to the forest of cock hairs. he was loving it. Jeep continued to suck and I began to bite on Mustard's tit. With my free hand, I slid my hand up between Mustard's legs and began to massage his hot ass thru his jeans. this also made the breathing harder, so i began to tug at his jeans a bit. He got the idea quicker than I thought he would. they came down to his ankles and he spread his legs exposing that hot rosebud of an ass. I began to massage it, which brought about moans of joy and squirming as well as heavy breathing. Mr. Jeep sat up to take out his own cock and I wasn't about to allow this to pass so I immediately took Mustards cock in my mouth and pressed my finger in his hot horny hole. The breathing, moaning and squirming intensified as I pleasured this man. Not to be a total asshole (since I HAD horned in...) I took my cock off Mustard's cock to allow Mr. Jeep back on, but I still fingered Mustard's hot hole. Jeep resumed sucking and i pulled out my finger slowly, and checked it for shit and oder. None; Mustard was clean, thank god. I spat on my fingers and this time inserted 2 fingers and Mustard went wild. At first I thought by his squirming, my fingers weren't pleasurable to him, then noticed that he wasn't trying to get OFF of my fingers, rather trying to get them in DEEPER. By this time Mr. Jeep saw the handwriting on the wall and kind of backed off a bit. I went down on Mustard's cock and sucked as i sank my fingers deeper into his man pussy. I eased them out, spat on them again and reinserted them, this time 3 fingers. as I sucked him i spread my fingers and Mustard was full blown horny now. I raised up and said "god I wanna fuck you". To my surprise he stood up, and bent over spreading his cheeks to accommodate me. I slid my cock into his hole and began to fuck him. I guess this totally pissed Mr jerk....uh I mean Jeep off because he stood up and zipped his pants. I indicated to him to stick around and have a piece of Mustard, but he wasn't having any part of it. FINE then....Hot ass and took it away from a jerk to boot!..Life was good. Jeep left the theater, and I continued to fuck Mustard. I came close to orgasm, then I pulled out and ate his ass until the feeling subsided. The first time my tongue hit his man pussy he went wild, almost too wild I feared. I was afraid the clerks would notice the noise and come in.They didn't. I popped my cock back in Mustard and pounded his hole a while longer, until I felt that tingle in my groin indicating orgasm again. I quickly pulled out and gobbled his hole. this went on for about 30 minutes or so. Once I was ready to go again I pounded my cock hard into his pussy and humped him like it was the last I would ever have. This time I wasnt pulling out. I fucked him right up to the brink of orgasm then pulled out and shot all over the floor. He also shot , as he had been jacking himself as I fucked him. I sat down in Mr. Jeep's former chair, sweating like a stuck pig, Mustard was composing himself and went over to the paper towel dispenser and got a paper towel for me. What a gentleman. I freshened myself up and made myself presentable for the trip thru the store and we left together. Outside we chatted a bit. He indicated that he enjoyed the pounding I gave his hole and told me his name and his Yahoo ID. His face kinda fell when I told him I lived in Louisville, then brightened back up a bit when he found out that I get down to central Ky. about once a week. We got in our respective cars and left. I will have that man pussy again...

Merci Beaucoup...

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A visit to Sumshee's....and other hapenings... [23 Mar 2004|11:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

OK, so Glucerna pearl and I went to Sumshee's for coffee earlier....I miss the old crowd greatly. gay_storytime was there and he and I had a nice but short chat. But overall it was pretetious Twinks as far as the eye could see. So Pearlie and I had our coffee, tho after barrista James was so fucking RUDE I was really ready to leave. That's OK I'll speak to Eric my first opportunity...
In Other News...
Friday Pearlie and I checked out the new bookstore in Horse Cave just off I-65. Very new but has much potential.
Saturday Went home to C-ville to work my lil under-the-table job, but was put off til sunday. thought about a return trip to Horse Cave but slept instead. I'm very depressed these days and sleeping a LOT.
Sunday Worked at the plant we clean...was a pretty good day overall. It's shit work but with fun people, and that makes a difference...Afterwards I did a return visit to Horse Cave ...MUCH fun was had !
Monday Slept...thats all I seem to do these days.

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 23rd of March:

It is one of those Tuesdays when you have to follow the rules and regulations, Aquarius. Avoid going over the top and stick to the game plan. An opportunity for luck opens up for you as well and you will want to get out and try something completely different and see where it takes you. The Moon trines with Jupiter so a new opportunity for luck opens up for you, give yourself the chance to get out there and have some fun. Luck comes to you if you’re willing to become a little more organized, you’ll find gold in the messy closet today!

Merci Beaucoup...

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Current Mood...SHITTY [19 Mar 2004|06:55pm]
This battle with myself
must be won. I will fight on.

What is wrong with this?
It is playing out all wrong
I am losing the battle
And leaving victims behind
Betraying friends and gaining enemies
Standing unaccompanied on this battleground
Climbing to the crown, to win this fight
Set back once again
I sacrificed it all
betraying friends and gaining enemies
Standing alone is this lost battle
And fell the victim of myself
Sacrifices are to be made
For the better, this blade tells different
I am spilling my guts
Because I have cut myself open
Bleed bleed bleed
And a new day
This battle is covered in blood

*poem courtesy ofheaded4caskets

Sometimes I think this guy is in my head..knowing every thought I hide from my friends...and then he writes...Am I still whining?

Merci Beaucoup...

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Definition of a *Twink* [19 Mar 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | moody ]

TWINK: A cream-filled sponge that isn't very filling and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Merci Beaucoup...

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A Whiner's Bloggage [19 Mar 2004|05:16am]
[ mood | moody ]

My Prayers
I'm standing on a table in a crowded room.
I'm screaming at the top of my lungs
No one looks up.
I'm walking down the hallway in a small town school
I'm smiling from ear to ear
No one seems to care
I'm sitting at a table in a lunchroom full of kids searching for a friend
No one volunteers.
I'm leaving this letter in my bedroom by the window
I'm sorry to leave this way
No one answered my prayers
-Author Unknown

Someone Who Cares
Someone who cares, someone who dares love,
Taking me high above,
That’s what my dreams are made of.
I had my chance.
I did my best but failed,
Nevertheless I'm here ready to fight and face my fears.
If you say you will listen then I will try to speak the truth.
I will die if I can't come back to you.
I'll cry now what else can I do.
Time after time I keep loosing my mind.
I came back for you.
Someone who cares.

-Poem Courtesy of Isaac Diamant

I hate a fucking whiner more than almost anything, but today, I'm gonna whine. I found the first poem some time ago on another blog and kept it; I cannot remember the author. It was obviously written by a high schooler, yet it fits adult me right now. Issac writes the most wonderful stuff and I felt these 2 poems fit together and pretty much summed up my current mood. (It amazes me how such depth of feeling can come from younger people; usually they are rude and foul mouthed...) I'm in the bowels of hell and I cannot find a way out. I feel as if I am sleep walking through this life. I go thru the motions well enough, but I'm usually not even there. Is this a nightmare? Am I gonna wake up? When are the officials gonna draw the chalk line around me?I get these waves that wash over me like high tide; "Everything is gonna be just fine!"... and I'm really motivated to seek employment. When friends are around me, it stays with me; then when I am alone... I crash & burn. I walked through Sumshee's Family Room Earlier with Pearlie; All smiles and greeting friends I hadn't seen in a while...yet I wasn't there. My Current situation is clouding & distorting EVERYthing I do. I have got to get off this merry-go-round...
Today was a beautiful day. The apartment was cold when I first got up, but once I walked outside and the air hit my face, I could tell that spring is finally making itself known. I LOVE Springtime in the Highlands; The most gorgeous, scantliy dressed men are now out running off the fat they have built up during Winter/Christmas. I thoroughly enjoy driving or walking along Bardstown Rd. this time of year....
In other news...My neighbor is trying to either roast me or freeze me with the heat. At this moment it's sub-hell in my apartment. I could be totally nude and still be sweating...Pearlie came up and took me for a wonderful supper at O'Charley's. Some sort of gift certificate he won at his work... The food was great and it was a nice visit. As I stated earlier we walked thru Sumshee's and then Pearlie wanted to go to Meijers, so off we went. Now pearlie cant go to just any Meijers; He has to go to the one WAY out Westport rd. Too far...WAY too far for me. THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME THING!!...why does it have to be one so far into the east end that you're almost to Cinncinatti? I don't get it but OK...What the fuck ever...

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 19th of March:


The Moon sextiles with Pallas so emotionally you will want to shake things up a bit and try something exciting and new. (My emotinos are shook up enough for the time being, thank you very much...) This is a great day to be bold and daring and see where it takes you. It’s wise to be sensitive to others at work as well, try to narrow down your perspective and empathize with your fellow human on a one on one basis. The Moon sextiles with Venus in Taurus as well so at home you’re inspired to do some gardening, it will be good therapy if you’re feeling a bit raw.(Raw? now that's understatement of the month...) An Aries friend is there to listen to you and will offer you some good advice.

Merci Beaucoup...

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[17 Mar 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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I MUST rant...and give commendation to gay_storytime [17 Mar 2004|05:46am]
Oh now, I cannot let this one pass. I copied/pasted a complete entry from gay_storytime's journal. Being a "fuller-figured" guy myself I must applaud his standards and put in my own 2 cents worth:

11:53AM - I'm really not used to this...

Alright, so I'm a big guy. It runs in the family. The whole broad shoulder, barrel-chested thing. And in August, I was a BIG guy. I mean, 260+ at 5'11". Now? Now I weigh 180 max., though it fluctuates between that and 175. It almost bothers me. Almost.

Yasee, I've heard people start saying since I started losing weight that I was always a nice guy, but now I'm attractive. I've been hit on by more freaks, weirdos, druggies, and old men in the past month than in the past year. I even had a friend start hitting on me now that I've "started looking nice".

Whoa...wait a sec. "Started looking nice"?!?!?

So in other words, I was a great friend, but now that I've lost weight you want to have sex with me. Uh huh. No thanks.

Listen, you know what I find attractive? Yeah, there're physical aspects, but I like talking with someone. I like being able to think you've only killed a few minutes talking to a person, but it turns out you've been talking for hours. I like someone who can make me laugh, help me relax, and actually KNOWS who John Steinbeck is, even if they hate his writing.
You know what turns me off really quickly? People who seem to judge based only on looks, weight, etc. I'm not the world's most attractive man, I'm never gonna appear in a magazine anytime soon, but I look good enough for government work. And now that, as a guy put it, I'm "hot", I really don't want to associate with those bastards who blow people off simply because of how they look.

Thank you, pretty bois, for the offer, but ya know what? I think I'll keep my friends. At least they're real people.

Tuck looks great and he's getting a lot of attention these days. And that's great...BUT...Tuck has always been a great guy, and the part I don't get goes like this:
Now that he's lost a few pounds, Why does it seem to effect the eyes of some guys? He is the same person he was 6 months ago. His hairstyle hasn't changed. He hasn't bought new clothing. His employment hasn't changed. (Tuck NEVER has cash...but then none of us do!) So explain it to me?
Or do I already know the answer to this question? It's proven more and more each day. Gay men are pretentious and vain. Gay men wonder why they can't find love. well DUH homer! It's not all about looks. I have been through this once in my life myself. I lost over 150 lbs. and all of a sudden guys who would never give me the time of day were hitting on me. My reply was this:
"I am the same person I was THEN. Only the package has changed some. I haven't changed. If I wasn't good enough for you THEN, I'm certainly not good enough for you NOW"

Merci Beaucoup...

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The Glaiser [17 Mar 2004|05:20am]
Author's note: this is an event that happened earlier in my life, Done from memory.

It was my birthday of 2002. I was on a 3 month suspension from work, another year older and about as depressed as a person could possibly be. It was late Sunday afternoon and I was very bored and horny. I needed to forget my problems badly. I got cleaned up a bit and drove down to Cherokee Park to see if I might locate a 'playmate' It was beginning to get dark and I pulled into the gravel parking lot near the northern entrance. I sat a whole and talked to a few freaks here and there. Nothing really appealing to me at all. I pulled out and circled a few times, then went back to the parking lot and backed into the space I had occupied a bit earlier. I sat for about 15-20 minutes when this red truck pulled in. he pulled down to the end of the parking lot and talked to someone for a few minutes. I could barely see the face as he passed me and I was a bit impressed, yet I had apparently not made the cut, as he had moved on. Then I noticed him back up and start for the exit to the parking lot. To my surprise he pulled in next to me, almost hitting my truck. He rolled down the window and struck up a conversation. I immediately could tell that he was pretty drunk and really had no business driving. After some light chit-chat he asked me if I wanted to come home with him. This made me a little leery, because in a cruising situation, you never know what you could be walking into. I suggested that we return to my apartment and have some fun. He agreed, and I started the truck and left the lot with the red truck on my tail. We arrived at my apartment a few minutes later and he parked and got out. At this time I got a really good look at him. He was a very nice looking guy, buzzed reddish blond hair, muscular, well built body and a handsome baby face that was across between "Opie Taylor "and Howdy "Doody". My birthday was starting to look a lot better all of a sudden. Three years of theater training has a side effect; I have become very observant. I had noticed that the truck had racks on each side that were to hold panes of glass. I tried to see the plate number but it was too dark. We chatted a bit as we walked to the door. I asked about his marital status, to which he replied, "In the middle of a divorce." "What's your name" I asked. "S" he said. Whatever the true name, one thing was sure; this man was mega horny. I opened both doors to my apartment and in we went. Once inside, just inside the door in fact, "S" both drunkenly fell and dropped to his knees, unzipped my fly and began sucking my dick. As he blew me, I began to tug at his shirt, then bent over his crouching body to get at the button the held his Levi's on. After a few minutes of oral bliss, I suggested that we retire to my bed. He happily agreed and began to take off his clothes as we made our way to my bed. I had already suspected that there was a great body under the tee and jeans, yet I had no idea just how nice. This guy was hot as hell! Lean and muscular, slightly defined, with a very large dick. I knew I had hit upon the mother load! I lay on my bed and he immediately got on top of me and put that cock-hungry mouth on my hard dick. He straddled my head and his cock was so large that I wasn't able to pleasure it. (Deep throat is NOT my forte...yet...) but there was an area that I could reach and give him much pleasure; that hot little pink rosebud just beneath his nuts. Once I determine its cleanliness, I devoured it like it was the last ass I would ever eat. I licked it, occasionally slipping my tongue into the hot opening. Then eventually a finger. During all this ass-play "S" continued to suck my dick and was bringing me dangerously close to orgasm. I stopped him for a short break in the action. I both hoped and feared he had sobered up a bit; hope that he was lucid and truly was enjoying everything that we were doing while fearing that a short breather would give him reason to leave. To my pleasure he had no intentions of leaving yet he was still quite drunk. This puzzled me but I adapted. "S" had noticed a large mirror at the foot of my bed and began "posing" himself in different positions. Once on all fours, "Doggie" style stating that he wanted to "make it look ...sexy for me..." I began to eat that sweet ass again and he indicated he wanted to be screwed. I gleefully complied with his wishes. I feverishly went to the medicine cabinet in my bathroom for lube. I put a small amount on the over heated orifice and on my cock and slowly eased my dick into "S"s hole. I began to fuck that pink pucker and he seemed to enjoy it. I took him in several different positions and after about 90 minutes of hot sex, again we took a short smoke break. We had been naked for a long time by now and I kept expecting him to at least begin to sober up a bit but he seemed to be getting worse. By this time, I had decided that after we got each other off, I would insist that "S" stay the night with me. Visions of this hot man being pulled over and taken in for D.U.I filled my head. My neighborhood is a high party, college area and crawls with police 24-7. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle ripped is just like filling out an application for an arrest. "S" and I pleasured each other for about another 90 minutes or so, and then he lost his erection. I quickly resurrected it with my mouth but it couldn't be maintained. We lay in bed for a while cuddling and talking a bit, his words becoming increasingly slurred. Finally I asked him to stay the night. As I suspected he declined. I began to beg, not so much because I really wanted this hot man to share my bed for the night...which I did, but more to save him from what I knew would happen once on the street. Finally he agreed, but we had to relocate his truck. When we first arrived at my apartment, I directed him to park in one of my neighbor's driveways, as I really had no idea he would be with me that long. I asked him for the keys to pull the truck around to the front of the house, and he said no he would do it. "OK" I said, "go to the end of the alley, and turn right, then turn right again down my street. I will walk out front and wait to make sure that you make it safely. Clad only in a tee and flannel boxers, I watched "S" make his way clumsily down the ally and make the right turn. I went out front of the house and waited. And waited. After I had given him enough time I sadly went back into the house. He was gone. I feared for his safety and freedom but there was nothing I could do now but hope for the best. I felt I would never see him again, but I had him and I resigned myself to be content with a hot one-niter.
A year almost to the day later I would meet up with "S" again. It was a Sunday afternoon. I was bored outta my mind. I had been off a couple days and really hadn't left the house for any length of time nor had I showered. I was pretty rank but also kinda horny. So I got dressed and drove down to Cherokee park. I circled a few times and then landed in the gravel parking lot where I usually sat. I stank. I was offending myself! But I was horny as hell and suspected that there would be no one there that would spark my interest. So I decided to stay around for a while. To my surprise and horror, in pulls a familiar red truck. One fitted with the type of racks that are used to transport large panes of glass. I was thrilled to see him. as soon as he parked I got out of my truck and walked over towards him and started a conversation. To my surprise, he remembered me. He was so intoxicated the night he was at my apartment before, I was sure he would not remember me from Adam. As we chatted, I reached in and began to massage his crotch. It immediately reacted and I invited him home again. he asked "You live at the same place?" "Yes" i answered and he said he would follow me. I wasn't sure he would, but he followed me straight home like a bee to honey. My neighbor was out and "S" parked in his spot and got out. As we proceeded to walk in the house we chatted about the first time he was here. I fussed at him for leaving in the state he was in. He said he had taken some kind of sleeping pill and had been drinking on top of that and was really out of it. He figured he could make it on home. I told him he had an army of guardian angels, especially considering how heavily Bardstown Rd. is patrolled by the police. Once inside again he dropped to his knees...this time not so clumsily. and began to work on my cock. I pulled his shirt up and he raised up to take it off when I announced that I had to take a shower. I went on to explain that I was offensive to myself and I wanted the sex that was about to transpire between us to be as great as it was the first time he was here. He agreed and I started a porn movie I had downloaded on my PC to entertain him while I got clean. It was the most thorough and fast shower I have ever taken. I wanted everything to be perfect. I finished my shower and got out to see this gorgeous man sitting at my computer desk, pants crumpled around his ankles, shirt laying on the chair,slowly masturbating as he watched the porn. I would have loved to made a picture but he wouldn't allow it. (a preference I respect) I immediately brushed my teeth and this time I dropped to MY knees and began to make love to that big hot cock with my mouth. After a few minutes i raised up off of it and planted my mouth, fresh from his hard cock on HIS mouth, sending my tongue deep into his throat. He loved it...we made our way to the bed and alternated between 69'ing and fucking for a couple of hours. And like the first time, I ate that sweet ass out! I love to eat an ass and get a guy all hot but his is the best ass I have ever eaten. He's always so clean and his butt is so nice a muscular ... "S" likes to be fucked slowly and VERY gently, and of course I gladly accommodated him. as i shot my load in the condom in his ass he came also. Unfortunately there was no "after-play" like the first time...he DID stay for a few minutes then left...taking my phone number with him. Sadly to say I have never heard from him, and I rarely go to the park much anymore. I have my memories and I know one day I will run into him again some Sunday afternoon....

Merci Beaucoup...

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Ahhh... back home... [17 Mar 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | content ]

One can certainly tell that Derby time is upon us again; All the little boutiques along Bardstown rd. that sell women's apparel have the most God-awful hats proudly displayed in their windows...It's nice to be back in Louisville once again. Perhaps THIS time i have finally escaped the grasp of Hooterville.I am to go to TARC tomorrow per nutzizi & inquire after the Customer service position offered. Keep fingers & toes crossed, kiddies, Mz. Maudie's well is drying up! Other than this, life in Hooterville is about as much fun as watching the grass grow espically since anything gay is out of the question there. Gotta love a closeted Baptist...

Greetings Aquarius, Your horoscope for the 17th of March:

WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR SECURITY? (Well, for starters a motherfucking JOB that won't stress me to the limit....)

The Moon squares with Venus in Taurus, which means that emotionally it’s wise to slow down and come to terms with your own need for security within yourself. You’ve got a chance to come to terms with a bigger dream about love and the world around you. Venus sextiles with Ceres so romantically you’ll want to come to terms with your own need to hold on to someone, it’s best to avoid thinking your right all the time. The universe asks you to continue on with patience and not to give up at the first sign of trouble. The Moon sextiles with Pluto so the truth has the power to transform your life in a big way.

Merci Beaucoup...

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I have Never... [13 Mar 2004|12:59am]
(X) I have never gotten a woman pregnant

What about you?

Merci Beaucoup...

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"The Deer" ...and other things on my mind... [12 Mar 2004|02:00pm]
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The Deer

Like the deer search for fresh water,
my soul searches for peace.
Dark pinetrees moves slowly in frum contemplation.
Water covers the ocean. The proud ocean roared from shore to shore.
Why so sad?
My soul, restless in me.
Where will you rest?
If the light in you is darkness,
then how big isn't that darkness?
The house is empty, a sleeping cat.
When should I come, when will I step forward?
Light is darkness.
I saw a deer down by the water
and now it is gone.

Poem Courtesy of Isaac Diamant

I'm feeling pretty good today, altho I feel more like the poem I posted...The sun is shining, the day is gorgeous, and tho it's cold I know it's almost spring. This week has sucked out loud; Monday thru thursday I did/accomplished absolutely nothing worthwhile. I did work my lil under-the-table job and now I'm babysitting my best straight bud's 16-year-old autistic child. "J" is a very loving, good kid and it should be pretty quiet weekend here. They have a beautiful home, in a remote wooded area near Green River. private. Quiet. Man, all this scene lacks is a handsome man to help me babysit. Monday I vow to be back in Louisville and beating the pavement to find work. Vacation season is upon us, as is Gay Pride month and unlike last year I wanna do it up right.
Last night, I talked to my friend Dlou as I was instructed. I was told by Carla, Another friend of ours that Dlou wanted to talk to me, and that she "had some...interesting...news".I called to find that my former best friend, now mortal enemy, had paid her a visit at the store where she works. She said that Brian Arnett trashed me and most of our mutual friends for 90 minutes. At first I was very angry, since he had cheated me numerous timse since I moved to louisville. He and his boyfriend Steve Haynes bled me dry of cash. I found myself a better place to live and never spoke to the trash again. This should have been the end of the story, but apparently not, Knowing the warped way Brian's mind works, this was supposed to get right back to me,(which it did) and I am supposed to react and open up a line of communication. In his mind, even negative communication means 2 people are talking and might just work out their differences.
I'm not about to lower myself to such trash. end of story. He can say whatever he wants to about me. I couldnt care less. If people want to belive him, then that's their right. I don't have to wallow with the pigs. And I won't speak ill of the dead, and thats just what he is to me... My friend Walt says he feels Brian has changed to which I reply "Brain has not changed... that which is REALLY him is just on the surface...he hid it to fit in with us"....how pathetic...ahh well such is life...

Daily horoscope

There are very few people in this world who are naturally qualified to be a clown.( yeah...clowns that think I care what they think of me!) You, dear Jeffrey, are one of them. You may not realize how gifted you are with children, though today you are likely to find out. Children respond to you because you treat them with kindness and respect. You do not speak down to them, as many parents do. Rather, you take the attitude that you can each teach one another. It is a powerful teaching tool, one that makes for a very interesting day! (Man. did this one hit close or what?!!)

Merci Beaucoup...

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